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Sunday, May 3rd 2009

1:08 AM

A True Conservative: Rest In Peace Jack Kemp



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Monday, September 29th 2008

9:33 PM

The Look Tells The Story

Hello From Knoxville,

They say a picture paints a thousand words. The look on the face of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells the story. Its the story of DEFEAT. Had Pelosi kept her mouth shut the bail out for wall street would have past. The blame lays no where but with Pelosi. Her partisan tone caused this bill to go down in defeat.  Representative Adam Putnam of Florida, the No. 3 House Republican, said Pelosi's ``speech cost us votes'' because it set a ``partisan tone,'' a reference to her comment before the vote blaming Bush administration policies for the crisis.   Of course her and Barney “fife” Frank blamed the Republicans. ``The Republicans killed this,'' said House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank  a Massachusetts Democrat. Least we need reminding. The Democrats control the house. I have said many times, Nancy Pelosi is a failure. She is a failure as Speaker of the House. The Democrats control the house of Representative and yet it’s the Republicans that killed the bill. The tally was 228 to 205. Democrats voted 140 to 95 in favor of the legislation, while just 65 Republicans backed the bill and 133 opposed it. So it’s the Republicans that killed this? Had Pelosi had the other 95 in line, the bill would have passed. For the record I am glad it failed. But its not the Republicans that killed this, it was the other 95 democrats that voted against it. Again Pictures are worth a thousand words and the look on Pelosi’s face tells it all. It is a look of Failure and defeat. The inability to keep her mouth shut caused her defeat today. The democrats have been in power for about two years and it has taken them a very short time to wreck the economy. Nancy Pelosi and the democrat leadership in congress are failures.

Have a great Night,


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Sunday, September 21st 2008

11:12 PM

WOW! And Obama Thought Only He Could Draw A Crowd!

Hello From Knoxville,

Sarah Palin Draws a crowd of 60,000. Amazing, Just Amazing, I cannot remember when a candidate has electrified a crowd or party the way Sarah Palin has, Its just amazing. I don't remember reading where Joe Biden has done this.  Read below.

The Villages, a vast, upscale planned community north of Orlando, has about 70,000 mostly adult residents -- many of them military retirees -- who vote reliably Republican in statewide races. Tens of thousands inched along roads into the picturesque town square of the complex, where they stood in sweltering heat for about four hours as local GOP officials and a country band revved up the crowd.

"Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!" they chanted at every mention of her name, applauding loudly and waiving tiny American flags that were distributed -- along with free water bottles -- by local volunteers. The fire chief estimated the crowd at 60,000.

Admiring throngs mobbed the Palin family's arrival and departure, snapping souvenir pictures. Autograph seekers thrust campaign signs, caps with the McCain-Palin logo and copies of magazines with her face on their covers, and the Palins responded warmly.

Palin, her husband and three of their children arrived in Orlando but spent a family day at Disney World, she said as she introduced her entourage to the enthusiastic crowd. She joked about similarities and differences of the two states at opposite corners of America, but was all business when she focused on the need for a large voter turnout in a hotly contested state with 27 electoral votes.
Amazing, Just amazing.

Have A Great Monday,

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Thursday, September 4th 2008

10:48 PM

Just How Scared Are The Democrats?

Hello From Knoxville,

If we thought that the Democrats were scared of Sarah Palin, here’s the proof. According to the Obama campaign reported raising at least $10 million from more than 130,000 donors today after Palin, the Alaska governor, addressed the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. And do you want to know why they are afraid of Gov. Palin?  Here you go.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention drew 37 million viewers, which is more than those who watched Democratic vice president Joe Biden or potential first lady Michelle Obama or even Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. According to Nielsen ratings, Palin’s number was just 1.1 million viewers shy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s record-breaking speech at the Democratic meeting Aug. 28, according to the most recent Nielsen Media Research ratings. Women viewers outnumbered men on Wednesday night, 19.5 million to 16.4 million, consistent with the pattern since last week. On day three of the Democratic convention, when Joe Biden accepted the nomination for vice president and Bill Clinton stirred the audience at Pepsi Center, 12 million adult women watched compared to 9.7 million adult men. During day one of the Democratic convention, Michelle Obama garnered 22 million total viewers, while Sen. Hillary Clinton got 26 million viewers the next night, and on day three, Biden had 24 million viewers. Palin’s address is rated 55% higher than Day 3 of the DNC, when her Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden, and President Clinton took the stage. Let me close by saying, they should be scared.  Want more proof why they are scared? Ok, here you go.  Sarah Palin electrified the Republican convention Wednesday, all the while reading off a faulty teleprompter and an outdated draft, John McCain officials told FOX News on Thursday. The Alaska governor overcame several glitches and technical problems to deliver her speech without getting flustered, impressing McCain and his staff and allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief. Foremost of the obstacles, Palin’s teleprompter was not working properly. When she took the podium, the machine rolled so quickly, it often skipped the first line or two of every paragraph on screen. The operator said he had new equipment and wasn’t sure how it would work. However, Palin also went on stage with a slightly outdated hard copy of her speech. For various unexplained reasons, she and her closest advisers had an old draft on hand, and even had a hard time furnishing one of those for her to use. Several of the drafts were scribbled on, so one aide gave Palin a wrinkled, folded copy out of his pocket. Officials said Palin responded in mom-like fashion, concluding, “Well, I suppose I could put a book on it and smooth it out a little. “ During one part of her speech, she couldn’t see the teleprompter because signs were blocking it. That was when she ad-libbed a line about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull — “lipstick.” The line was a hit with the audience. It is something she had jokingly said to staff during the speech prep process. This woman is just good.

Have a great night,


Go Vols

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2008

11:45 PM

Yes She Can! Sarah Palin ROCKS

Hello From The Hills Of East Tennesse,

If there were any question’s before tonight as to whether Sarah Palin could handle Joe Biden, or the democrat’s, the answer is YES SHE CAN. Her speech tonight was nothing short of awesome. She scored and scored big. I am thrilled she is on this ticket. Heck I say make her president. WOW is the only word I can come up with. She did VERY GOOD. She rocked the house tonight. If you think the democrat’s and the democrat media were scared of Sarah Palin before tonight, watch out. They are screaming for their mommy now. Sarah Palin is going to be a tough competitor. Again tonight all I can say is WOWWWW.  And What about Rudy, as Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman last night, he knocked it out of the park. Very good night.

Have a great night


Go Vols. 

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Tuesday, September 2nd 2008

7:09 PM

Sarah Palin & The Scared Media

It’s Football Time In Tennessee,

If you watched the football game last night, you might not think it’s football time in Tennessee, Oh well there’s always next week. Now to the topic of the night. Sarah Palin and the scared media. It’s no secret that most in the media are very pro democrat. The percentage of those in the media voting democrat is very high. So it is no wonder that they have begun attacking Sarah Palin. To attack the candidate is one thing, but to attack their family is another. By now you know that Sarah Palin’s seventeen year old daughter is pregnant. You may also have heard that according to the media her husband has a 2-decade-old DUI arrest. The media is running wild with the story. This is all you’re hearing on Fox and every other news outlet. First, while I do not condone this kind of action, if everyone that's had sex before they were married, were disqualified from holding a job, there would be very few people working. Lets be honest, I am a conservative Christian. I believe marriage is sacred, but I also understand that people are humans. It’s going to happen. I also remember in the bible where God was going to destroy the people and then he remembered, they were but human. The children are correcting the problem. They plan on getting married. I’m also sure that if you took all of those committing adultery out of congress, there would be very few people left in Washington. This is a private family matter and should be left at that. It’s neither mine nor your business. This does not disqualify Sarah Palin from becoming the Vice President of the United States. Nor does having a husband that has a 2-decade old DUI arrest. People make mistakes, you learn and grow from them, and move on. Sarah Palin has the democrat leaning media running scared. Why? Because up until now, the base of the Republican party has not been excited about this election. Sarah Palin has changed that. The democrat media was hoping this wouldn’t happen. Much to their dismay, IT HAS. As I said in an earlier post, I wasn’t to excited about this election, but adding Sarah Palin to the ticket has gotten me fired up and ready to work as hard as I can to get John McCain elected President. Sarah Palin is going to make an awesome Vice President. To their credit, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both come out against such attacks. Barack Obama said that Palin's family and her daughter's pregnancy were not relevant to her potential performance as vice president. "I think people's families are off limits," And people's children are especially off limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics." Biden, taking questions Tuesday afternoon from an audience at a senior facility in Florida when ask about this issue said, “The press has been asking me that question and I have not answered it for two reasons. First of all, I don’t know the governor. There is no reason not to respect her and believe she’s qualified to be the vice president. I’m not going to make that judgment. That’s … for you all to make. With regard to the stuff that you’re talking about, I have a simple proposition: children are off limits. Children are off limits, We’ve all been through things with our children. Just treat people with common decency.” The democrat media should heed the words of Obama and Biden and BACK OFF.

Sara Palin. America Is Excited.

Have A Great Night

Go Vols,


Tonight at the RNC Convention here is What Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson had to say about Sarah Palin

“What a breath of fresh air Governor Sarah Palin is,” Thompson said in St. Paul. “She is from a small town, with small town values, but apparently that’s not good enough for those folks who are attacking her and her family.”

“Some Washington pundits and media big shots are in a frenzy over the selection of a woman who has actually governed rather than just talked a good game on the Sunday talk shows and hit the Washington cocktail circuit,” Thompson said. “I say give me a tough Alaskan Governor who has taken on the political establishment in the largest state in the union — and won — over the beltway business-as-usual crowd any day of the week.

“It is pretty clear the selection of Governor Palin has got the other side and their friends in the media in a state of panic. She is a courageous, successful, reformer, who is not afraid to take on the establishment. Sound like anyone else we know?”

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Sunday, August 31st 2008

5:28 PM

Classless Democrats

Hello from Tennessee, Where we are getting ready for kickoff to the 2008 Football season, Monday night At UCLA.

If you have ever read any of my post in the past, then you know how much I dislike Michael Moore. He along with former DNC Chairman Don Fowler have hit a new low. As we all are praying for the best in New Orleans and along the gulf coast as hurricane Gustav approaches, Michael Moore along with Don Fowler seem to feel its funny to play politics with peoples lives. Michael Moore along with Don Fowler’s recent comment should be denounced by Barack Obama, Joe Biden an Howard Dean the present DNC Chairman. There is no place in politics for such comments. On Friday Michael Moore told Keith Obermann on MSNBC “I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven, To just have it planned at the same time, that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for Day One of the Republican convention, up in the Twin Cities, at the top of the Mississippi River.” After laughing at his words, Moore tried to back off of his comments once he seen he had put his foot in his mouth. “I mean I certainly hope nobody gets hurt. I hope everybody’s taking cover.” Then it was reported that Don Fowler while on a flight from Denver to Charlotte after last week Democrat convention, said to Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina “So you see, it's funny. That New Orleans will get a hurricane. That's funny because it is due to hit when President Bush is scheduled to speak. Isn't that cool? This comment was made after Fowler was over heard making fun of Sarah Palin calling her Dan Quayle on steroids This truly does show how classless Michael Moore and Don Fowler are. According to Fowler hurricane Gustav is proof that God is on the democrats side. Both should apologies for their disturbing comments, when peoples lives and the destruction of their property are at stake. This is no laughing matter.

Happy Labor Day


Go Vols

Statement from SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson

"The outrageous behavior of two of the Obama campaign's highest profile supporters in the south is despicable, a cynical politization of life and death. I call on Barack Obama to immediately denounce Fowler and Spratt and demand sincere apologies from these members of the Democratic leadership."

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is calling on liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to apologize.

“I demand an immediate apology from Michael Moore to the people of south Louisiana for his offensive and inappropriate comments, People in Louisiana, regardless of political affiliation, are making plans to leave to protect their families from this serious storm, and the God I know would not share Michael Moore’s glee for our plight.”

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Friday, August 29th 2008

9:36 PM


Hello From Tennessee,

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t really happy or excited about John McCain. Excited or not I would have voted for him in November, because the only other option is unacceptable. After a week of listening to the democrats with all of their republican bashing , I was kind of looking forward to seeing who McCain would choose as his running mate. I was thinking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, or maybe Tom Ridge. I really didn’t think he would pick Joe Lieberman. When I first heard he had picked Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska I was kind of like hum, not so sure about this one. But the more I heard the more I begin to get excited. Tonight I can say I am THRILLED that John McCain has chosen Gov. Palin as his running mate. I understand that we are voting for a President and not a Vice President. I also understand that if the telephone rings at 3am Senator John McCain will be able to make a quick decision unlike Senator Barack Obama who will have to call his Vice President to get the answer. Now the democrats are questioning whether or not Palin is ready to be President. They say she lacks the experience to be President. Barack Obama does? The Obama campaign said "Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,". But what they didn’t say is she is also Governor of the state of Alaska. I would say that Gov. Palin has just as much experience and more to be President as Barack Obama does. What experience does Barack Obama have? Hillary Clinton put it best, he has made a speech. Today’s announcement seem to have energized Senator McCain and the Republican party. I can honestly say that I feel much better tonight about the election than I did last night. A self-styled hockey mom and political reformer, Palin has a long history of run-ins with the Alaska GOP, giving her genuine maverick status and reformer credentials that could complement McCain's image. Palin has a record of bipartisan reform. She has a reputation as a maverick for bucking her party's establishment and Alaska's powerful oil industry. Palin campaigned on ethics reform in the 2006 GOP primary to defeat incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski, who served 22 years in the U.S. Senate before winning the governor's seat in 2002. Obama campaign also said today "Governor Palin shares John McCain's commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush's failed economic policies. That's not the change we need, it's just more of the same,” change? that’s why Barack Obama chose a 30 year career politician in Washington to be his running mate. Wowwwww now that is change. I wonder if the Obama campaign is running scared? Also very interesting is the remake’s that Senator Hillary Clinton had regarding the chose. “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain," While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.” Palin mentioned Clinton by name in her acceptance speech Friday, saying, "Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all." As one reporter said today. Clinton's statement reacting to Palin is markedly different than the Obama campaign's initial reaction which made no mention of the historic nature of the Alaska Republican's VP candidacy — instead painting her as woefully inexperienced to be commander-in-chief. The Obama campaign later released a joint statement from both the Illinois senator and his running mate, Joe Biden, praising Palin for making history. I bet the Obama campaign is wondering tonight how they are going to handle Gov. Palin. I think Joe Biden is about to get a run for his money. Now it’s time to get excited about the election.

Have a great night

Go Vols.

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Sunday, May 25th 2008

3:25 PM

The Republican Party NEEDS NEW LEADERSHIP.

Hello From Tennessee,

Summer has arrived in East Tennessee. The weather is hot and now beings a very long 5 months until the general election in November. But before we get there and before we get started on this long road, let me kick off the season by saying the Republican Party is in desperate need of new leadership. A couple of weeks ago the GOP lost a seat in a special election in Mississippi. Everyone started using the word “blood bath” for the GOP in November. I agree. With the current leadership we are heading for a blood bath. However there is still time to turn it around. Instead of playing defense the party needs to play offense. I have never seen a more scared bunch of candy leg politicians than in the GOP right now. Everyone is running away from the president, until it comes to raising money for them. Maybe the Republican Party needs to get just a little tough. I believe it was Rep. Davis from Virginia, who made the comment about the President, basically saying it was President Bush’s fault that the GOP had lost seats that were in heavily republican districts. I find that very hypocritical. Coming from someone who is a member of congress that has approval ratings lower than the President, Rep. Davis and the rest of the so called GOP leadership should take a long look in the mirror. It is true that President Bush is very unpopular. It is easy to blame someone eles for failure than to accept some of the blame yourself. The leadership and those running for congress should return to the values of the Republican Party. Instead of running scared the GOP needs to stand up and get tough. Return to the policies of lower taxes, illegal immigration, against gay marriage, for the family. The democrats winning in heavily Republican districts are running as conservative democrats. If the GOP would to return to our values then they could defeat the democrats come November. We need real leadership. We deserve better.

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Thursday, February 7th 2008

8:59 PM

The Face of A Miracle

Hello From Tennessee,


Tonight I was going to write about the election. I had planned on starting to write again. But after the tornado's moved across parts of our great state Tuesday night, the story below is a reminder that there are more important things in life than politics. So I will save my thoughts on Tuesdays election for another night. Please read the story below and keep the people in your prayers. The twisters killed 32 people in Tennessee, 13 in Arkansas, 7 in Kentucky and 5 in Alabama.



At first, rescuers thought it was a doll. Then it moved.

In a grassy pasture strewn with toys, splintered lumber and bricks tossed by the tornado's widespread wrath, 11-month old Kyson Stowell was lying face down in the mud, 150 yards from where his home once stood.

"It looked like a baby doll," said David Harmon, a firefighter who had already combed the field once looking for survivors. Then he checked for a pulse. "He was laying there motionless ... and he took a breath of air and started crying."

The field had already been combed once for survivors, and finding anyone alive seemed improbable. Hours after the storm, there was devastation everywhere: The body of the boy's mother was found in the same field, houses were wiped to concrete slabs and a brick post office was blown to bits. But except for a few scrapes, Kyson was fine.

Kyson's story emerged as a tale of hope amid spectacular misery as residents in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas tried to piece their lives back together after the nation's deadliest twister rampage in two decades killed 58 people.

There was good news to celebrate. Baby Kyson was discharged from a hospital and was in the care of his grandparents. He had scrapes and gashes on his cheek and by his big blue eyes, but otherwise was fine. Clinging to his grandmother, he fussed a little - something he normally does at naptime.

As word the tornado was coming spread through the community Tuesday, the Stowells called their their 23-year-old daughter Kerri warning her to take cover. In a phone call with her fiance's sister, Kerri said she was bracing for the storm in the bathtub, clutching her baby to her side.

The phone cut out as Kay Stowell and her daughter spoke. Then came an ominous voicemail - no words, just the sound of wind.

It took two hours for the Stowells to drive around the downed trees and power lines and make the four-mile trip to Kerri's home- or what was left of it. It was during that time that rescuers Harmon and Karl Wegner decided to give the pasture one last look.

When the Stowells made it to the scene, the first thing Douglas Stowell saw was a firefighter holding the baby. Not long thereafter, another emergency worker showed Stowell a photo of a body found nearby. He confirmed it was his stepdaughter.

"If it had been both of them, I couldn't have handled it," he said.

Kerri Stowell's fiance, 22-year-old Charles Scott, believed she tried to keep her son safe as the storm closed in. "She would have given her life trying to protect that baby," he said.

The family has set up a trust fund to pay for Kyson Stowell's college education. Checks may be sent to Sun Trust Bank, 1605 21st Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212. Or call 615-340-0249

Please Remember the People of Tennessee in your prayers. Thank God that in the mist of a tragedy there is hope and there is A miracle.


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